Wednesday, August 15, 2007

collaborative project

I have a recent frustration with the collaborative project. I dropped the ball with regard to doing work on the project earlier in the time frame for which it was assigned. I figured, "a massive benefit of this project is the freedom it allows it's participants"

I was all set to work on the site this afternoon...only to go to the site to see an amazing page dedicated to web 2.0 tools. The problem of course is that i did not contribute to the page's creation. My go - getter partners had done it all, and done it amazingly well.

So i sit and think about what i could possibly contribute to this amazing page that's dedicated to something i know little about, and when I finally think of something to contribute, I'm not allowed to because the first creator of the page set a limitation that requires "writers" to be approved by him. So now I'm stuck waiting on approval before i can contribute.

Despite this frustration with this specific project...

I think the collaborative wiki is sweet. I would love to hook up with another school for a number of projects/sites. I can see how educational and useful it would be. I hope to do so actually, with friends of mine that are teachers in the states.

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Susan said...

You make a very interesting point. While wikis are flexible and do allow for jumping in later, if you wait, you may see your ideas already there or a structure that doesn't fit in with your preferred way of doing things. I started right away and the others jumped in later but we talked via email about if and how the templates worked for all us. I feel that is part of the collaboration. We also didn't put in any "wait for approval" because I think that is how we saw collaboration. I enjoyed our doing our own thing and making it work in cohesive manner. One thing I feel strongly about is talking early and often. Even if you wait to make your contributions, you should not wait to start to talk. A little like life that way.