Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I'm not against blogs, but i guess i'm not blown away by them either. Reading Ken Wedding's blog on AP comparative government gives me great insight into his expertise on the subject, it keeps me up to date on how he's teaching and what he's teaching in Comparative GOvernment.

I guess i should say that I think blogs are useful. I see their potential and I could see how they're applicable in the classroom. At the same time though, i find them annoying to a certain extent and that doesn't have anything to do with their educational value, which they have, I guess I'm just sick of hearing the word "blog" all the time and other such words like, "blogosphere" and "bloggers". I guess i'm referring more specifically to bloggers (damn, i used the word) role in politics, etc.

I guess this little rant in my blog opens my eyes to the importance of the Blog blog reader, what are they called? Anyway, if you read blogs through those means, you can focus on the good ones, ignore bad, pick and choose, etc.

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Amber said...

Hi! I'm from Dean's class in Regina and I would have to say I fully agree with your post. I agree that blogging is a very useful tool and can be used to benefit students in a very educational way. I mean is there an easier way to learn from so many different people all at the same time? And an easy place to shout out for help in hopes that, in my case, your ECMP prof will come rescue you and direct you towards a positive solution. I have learned so much from my classmates over the past six weeks just by reading there blogs and taking their suggestions. However, that said I will use your words and say they don't blow me away either. Personally, I am in the stage right now where I find them more of a hassle then anything. I don't mind reading other peoples thoughts and commenting when I see fit, but writing them myself really doesn't interest me. Like you said, I have found good blogs that I will stick with, however, when this class is through I doubt I will continue my own blog. Though I will probably have one in my classroom, so hopefully by that stage I have more ambition to write posts myself. I know their importance to assisting and developing education and students knowledge, therefore, I can't give up on them completely!